rental agreement

Scotland Hot Tub Hire requires all persons hiring equipment to have read and understood the contents of this document before signing.  If you do not understand the information contained within this document,  or require further clarification on said points, please speak to your installation engineer or contact Scotland Hot Tub Hire directly on 0845 643 0924.  At the end of this document you will be asked for your signature and date of signing.  It should be noted that you are signing to accept the equipment as outlined below and have read/understood all points highlighted within the terms and conditions.

1. The hot tub will be filled with cold water and will take at least 24 hours to reach the recommended temperature of between 35c and 38c.  If you have a combination boiler you could have it filled with hot water so it is ready to use when filled.

2. To change water temperature simply press pad down for cooler and up for hotter.

3. The hot tub is designed for 4-6 people.  Overloading the hot tub can cause damage for which you will be liable.

4. When using the hot tub, remove cover and store carefully.  Enter water carefully NO JUMPING and make sure it is not too hot (test first).

5. Over filling the hot tub will cause it to overflow.  Each person entering the hot tub will raise the water level by 5-7cm.  When the bubbles/jets are activated the water level again rises by a similar amount.

6. When not using hot tub always replace the cover to retain heat.

7. The hot tub will maintain temperature by itself; although during periods of heavy use or when the cover is removed for an extended period there will be a fall in temperature.  Staying out of the hot tub and replacing the cover will allow the water temperature to rise to the desired level.

8. Always leave the hot tub plugged in and switched on in order for the filtration/heating systems to work.

9. Do not use drugs, smoke or drink alcohol when using the hot tub.

10. Do not use any electrical items within five feet of the hot tub including telephone.

11. Children must be over ten years of age and accompanied by an adult at all times when using the hot tub and temperature reduced in accordance.

12. At more than 37.5c you should not spend more than fifteen minutes in the hot tub.

13. Pregnant women and persons with heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes or low or high blood pressure should consult a doctor before using the hot tub.

14. It is essential that everyone using the hot tub, showers before use and no foreign bodies e.g. grass, earth, sand, stones or sharp objects are introduced to the water.  The hot tub will perform better if kept clean, therefore more enjoyable to use.

15. Chemicals will need to be added.  We will go through the procedure with you verbally upon delivery and will leave you with information regarding application, handling, storage etc.  If you have any questions just ask.

16. Hot Tub Scotland will not be responsible for water damage that occurs from hot tubs set up indoors.

17. You are liable for this hot tub and hot tub cover whilst in your custody for any loss or damage.  We recommend that you contact your household insurance company to inform them of this hire and ask them to provide cover.

18. If after making arrangements to collect the hot tub at the end of the hire period, we are unable to gain access to collect the hot tub, there will is a charge of £50.00 for each day.

19. If we have to come out to the hot tub whilst on hire to rectify a fault and the fault is found to be down to misuse there will be a £50.00 call out charge.

20. Any damage incurred due to misuse or not following the above recommendations must be paid for in full. Undersigned renter understands the above information and acknowledges that the use of the hot tub is at the renters’ risk.

Collection of hot tub – Please leave hot tub full, switched on and heating.  If the hot tub is not full, switched on and heating when we arrive there is a £50.00 charge.

Undersigned renter agrees to release this establishment from any and all liabilities incurred with the use of the hot tub.




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Scotland rental agreement

rental agreement

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