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Making it simple, safe, environmentally friendly and with a hint of lavender

For decades, hottub water treatment systems haven taken away from the enjoyment of renting a hottub. Unfortunately, most hottub hire companies currently rent out hottubs with a list of chemicals for you to use whiles on hire including numerous daily PH level tests, so instead of a relaxing pool experience, many people leave the hottub with red watery eyes, irritated skin, discoloured swimsuits and the lingering odour of various sanitizing products.

Here at ‘Scotland Hot Tub Hire’, we've researched well over 100 hot tub water treatment solutions in the aim to find the perfect water treatment that is safe for all, clean with no harsh chemicals, environmentally friendly and easy to use.

We’ll we've found it;

  •   Crystal clear, pure water
  •   No more slimy walls or calcium deposits
  •   Reduces the need for chemicals by up to 70%
  •   Environmentally friendly
  •   Gentle, even on the most sensitive of skin
  •   Hint of soothing lavender

And all of this with Just One Simple Treatment per week! which our installation engineer will cary out whiles installing your hot tub, leaving you time to enjoy the relaxation of a messaging hot tub tub with the aroma of lavender.


Unlike traditional water care products, Scotland Hot Tub Hire water treatment softens your hottub water and soothes your skin without the harsh effects of chemicals.

By breaking down the biofilm Scotland Hot Tub Hire water treatment completely reconditions the water and equipment, massively reducing the threat of contamination.

As a result, there's less "killing" to do, which means the need for chemicals such as chlorine or bromine can be significantly reduced.

With Scotland Hot Tub Hire water treatment, soaking in your hottub becomes a special experience for you, your family and friends.

Water treatment videos by AquaFinesse
Please note that these YouTube videos are for illustration purposes only in highlighting the key benefits of the product in which we use.

Each time a hot tub is installed by ‘Scotland Hot Tub Hire’, the installation engineer will carry out a number of water tests and record his or her findings in the record book which is unique to that hot tub.

If you have hired the hot tub for between 1 – 7 days, there is no need for you to add any solution to the hot tub as the engineer will place a slow dissolving tablet for the duration of your hire. If the rental period is above 7 days the engineer will provide you with the appropriate amount of tablets and demonstrate safe usage – all details will be given in writing along with a 24/7 advice line.






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